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Home Page has been set up by Belgrave Publications, principally to sell back issues of Irish Roots magazine.

Belgrave Publications published Irish Roots magazine from 1992 up to the end of 2007, at which point it was taken over by Irish Roots Media.  For enquiries regarding issues of the magazine published from the year 2008 onwards, go to

The website provides:-

  • A listing of all available back issues of Irish Roots magazine from 1992 to 2007 with a detailed description of the main content of each magazine 

  • A facility to buy back issues:-

    • either on-line (by making secure payment by credit card or PayPal)

    • or by post (sending cash or cheque to Belgrave Publications).  

The website also provides:-

  • A section called Find Your Irish Homestead which:-

    • Tells the stories of famous people who found their Irish Homestead

    • Recounts the experiences of ordinary people who located the home of their Irish ancestor and journeyed to Ireland to visit it

    • Suggests ways in which you could find the homestead of your Irish ancestors

The website also provides:-

  • Sidebars presenting some interesting bits of information relating to Ireland, Genealogy and History

  • An e-mail and postal address so you can communicate your views to us.  Click here to contact us.


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 Multi Million Muddle

The search term 'Irish Family History' produces 13 million results in Google and 16 million in Yahoo.  That's about three websites for every person living in Ireland.

 The Three Ways

You can trace your Irish roots by doing the research yourself, or by hiring a professional, or by finding a far out cousin who has done the job already.  The surest way, though, is to become President of the United States, then someone will do it for you.

 The Homestead

Most people of Irish descent want to find the old homestead in Ireland and visit it.  This site will point you in the right direction.

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